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Hi and welcome to my shop - New to my site are the collections of underwear and lingerie that I have worn either on one of my many photo shoots

Due to demand I am now selling these items as my fans love the thought of being able to get that little bit closer to me. All my underwear & lingerie here have been worn on a photo shoot and then have been placed dirctly into a zip bag they are not simply purchased then dispatched, they are my genuine items that I have worn, then despatched to you straight away.

I possess more than one set of a particular style of underwear & sets that I wear, simply because I really like it so I may have more than one to offer. I also replace what I sell and buy another set to wear again. I just think its only fair to keep my fans entertained in some way and I also get a kick out of it. But I will verify these are the genuine article worn by myself specially for you.

There will be items put in my shop continuously but if you would like to see me in anything particular I can wear them then send to you so please contact me & I'll see what I can do. Enjoy and have fun - lots of love Annette xxx


1. ONLINE BANKING - This is what I prefer as it's the one I am most used to if you are in the U.K.

This is fast, secure & discreet as I do not see your bank details. Most banks transfer the same working day so I can get your item to you within a couple of days. When I receive the order/item number I will give you the account details to make payment to. Just simply e-mail me with your choice shown below.

2. CHEQUE/CASH (UK only) can be paid into RBS Branch and pay into my account - I shall give you the details when I receive your order.Clearing time for cheques can take up to 7 days.

3. PAYPAL - Just add to cart as below

POSTAGE - UK first class is free ( 1-2 working days) Europe airmail £1.75 (3-4 working days)

FOR MY FANS OUTSIDE THE UK. Please e- mail me and we can arrange a method to suit both of us.

Every item for sale will include a photo of me wearing it & when ordered I will make sure it will

be worn again before being sealed & despatched straight to you. Pics showing item only will

soon be shown with photo wearing it.

PHOTO COLLECTIONS - Choose 6 photos from my gallery (size A5) for £5.95.

POSTERS Available in any of my gallery pics in a satin finish posted in a tube.

A3 £9.95 & A2 £15.99 includes postage in UK ( 2-3 days)

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